• Model: NA-60CR-CD
  • Capacity: 5.0 Ton

৳ 175,000

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Installment: 58,333 BDT/Month


An easy installation of an air conditioner means less mess, or disruption, for your home or downtime for your business. Thinking about your convenience Atashii came up with their NA-60CR-CD Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner. Easy to maintain. Its sleek design makes your space look elegant and does not occupy much space of your ceiling which is perfectly convenient for you. Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed for quiet operation. This 5.0 ton eco-friendly energy efficient device comes with some unique features like Refrigerant Leakage Detector, Cold Catalyst Filter, Self-diagnosis auto protections and Internal Thermal Protector Compressor.

Air direction control Product Type: Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner
Environment-friendly Excellent energy efficiency
Refrigerant Leakage Detector Cold Catalyst Filter
Self diagnosis auto protection Internal Thermal Protector Compressor
Installation Charge TK 5000 Angle Cost if needed TK 2500
Copper Pipe Not Included Extra Copper Pipe per feet Cost TK 350
Based on the Floor Level and Location of Air Conditioner's outer unit the installation charges may vary After installation AC's are not eligible of our return policy
Anti-bacteria coating Gold fin Technology
Protect your heart with its special “Safe heart technology” Dehumidification (removal of vapor from a gas vapor mixture)
Multi-direction airflow Fast cooling
Wide temperature range No noise technology
Power supply-340-415V AC,50Hz,3 phase, Cooling(Capacity -60000 BTU/h,Input -6300 w,EER-2047 W/W)
Indoor fan motor(Model-YSK85-4C,QTY-2,Input-121/104/95 W,Capacitor-2.5 μF/450 V,Speed(Hi,Mi,Low)-1310/1190/1080-r/min Indoor Coil(Number of rows-3,Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)-21x13.37 mm,Fin spacing-1.3 mm,Fin Type-Hydrophilic Aluminum,Tube outside dia. and type-Tube outside dia. and type-Φ7 mm,inner grooved tube,Coil(LxHxW)-1300x294x40.11 mm,Number of circuits-8)
Indoor air flow(Hi,Mi,Low)-2300/1800/1600 m3/h,Indoor noise level(Hi,Mi,Low)-53/50/47 dB(A),Throttle type -Throttle valve, Design pressure(Discharge-2.6 Mpa,Suction ,1.0 Mpa)
Drainage water pipe diameter-0DΦ25 mm,Liquid side/Gas side -Φ9.52/Φ19(3/8"/3/4")mm, Controller-RG51Q1/BGE, Poeration temperature-17-30°C

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