• Model: NA-30CR-AR
  • Capacity: 2.5 Ton

৳ 85,900

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This Atashii Split type Regular Air Conditioner is an intelligent air conditioner. It is the new definition of cool and smart. It is the perfect fit for your home in hot and cold weather. It regulates temperature to the perfect condition, leaving your home/office odor free and a breath of fresh air everywhere. This air conditioner does not only cool your home, it purifies the air so that you can stay healthy. It performs all these functions while still saving energy. Your energy bills will always stay low.
Installation all over Bangladesh Capacity: 2.5 Ton/30000BTU
Energy efficient Cold Catalyst Filter
Refrigerant Leakage Detector Self diagnosis auto protections
Internal Thermal Protector Compressor Eco Friendly
No noise technology Air direction control
Gold fin Technology Anti-bacteria coating
Dehumidification (removal of vapor from a gas vapor mixture) Protect your heart with its special “Safe heart technology”
Fast cooling Sleep mode,Power supply-220-240V,50Hz,Single phase
Cooling(Input -3368 W,Rated Current -14.9 A,EER-2.61 W/W) MAX. input consumption-4500 W,MAX. current-26.0 A
Compressor(Model-TH532MV-C9EU,Type-Rotary,Brand-HITACHI,Rated Current (LRA)-13.7 A) Indoor fan motor(input-72 W,Capacitor -3 μF ,Speed Hi/Mi/Low-1280/1100/900-r/min)
Indoor coil(Rows-2,Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)-21x13.37 mm,Fin spacing -1.3 mm,Tube outside dia. and type-Φ7,innergroove tube - mm,Number of Circuits-4,Coil length x HxW-820X336X26.74 mm) Out door fan motor(Input-133/125 w,Capacitor-5 μF,Speed-870/-/820- r/min)
Out door coil(Rows-1.6, Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)-21x13.37 mm,Fin spacing-1.4 mm,Tube outside dia. and type- Φ7,innergroove tube - mm,Coil Length x HxW- 1015X756X13.37+ 598X756X13.37, out door noise level-60dB(A),Refrigerant piping -Liquid side/Gas side -"Φ9.52/Φ15.9 (3/8"/5/8")Refrigerant type -R22

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