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Nitol Electronics Limited (NEL) is one of fastest growing electronics product manufacturer in Bangladesh. Main brand is Atashii.

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Nitol Electronics Limited (NEL) is one of fastest growing electronics product manufacturer in Bangladesh. We offer world class electronic manufacturing services and support, targeted specially to meet the requirement and budgets of small to medium sized customers.

Within the brand portfolio the main brands are
Atashii which helps to enhance and enrich lifestyles all around the country. It extends product line LED TV, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Ovens, Blenders, Irons, and Hairdryers etc.

NEL has a clear vision towards with quality and innovation including protecting the environment and the climate has been an integral part of the company’s corporate strategy. We rely on its outstanding products and the added value that they provide to the customers in terms of performance, conveniences and user-friendliness.

Nitol Electronics Limited (NEL) is a sister concern of Nitol Niloy Group.

If you belong to a Corporate Institution or Government Establishment, we invite you to explore our attractive offers and schemes.

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Nitol Electronics Ltd.

Hotline: 01953400400, 09636 400 400


www. nitolelectronics.com

Business Concerns of Nitol Niloy Group

SL Year Of Establishment Business Name Type Of Business, Products
1 1982 Nitol Motors Ltd. TATA Vehicle Sole Distributor
2 1988 Nikita & Company Ltd. Trading Company
3 1991 NITA Company Ltd. Assembling vehicle body
4 1992 Service Centre Ltd. TATA Vehicle Servicing
5 1994 Central Properties Ltd. Real Estate Management
6 1996 Nitol Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. Construction Equipment
7 1996 Niloy Cement Industries Ltd. Grey Cement
8 1997 Fidelity Assets & Security Company Ltd. (FAS) Financial Institution
9 1999 Nitol Insurance Company Ltd. General Insurance
10 1999 Nitol White Cement Industry White Cement
11 2000 Nitol Bay Resort Hotel Service
12 2001 Nitol Motors Ltd. (Tractor) Tractor
13 2002 Nitol Gas Distribution Company ltd. Natural Gas
14 2004 Nitol Sugar Mills ltd. Sugar
15 2006 Sylhet Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Pulp
16 2007 NReach Net (Pvt.) Ltd. Internet Service Provider
17 2007 NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd. Vehicle Tracking Device (GPS)
18 2009 Nitol Marketing Company Ltd. Tire and Rubber Distribution
19 2009 Nitol Tour and Travels Ltd. Air Ticketing and Tours Management
20 2010 Nitol-Niloy Filter Industries Ltd. Engine Filter
21 2010 Total Asia Logistics Ltd. Warehouse Service
22 2010 Nitol Curtis Paper Mills Ltd. Paper
23 2011 Nitol Tire Industries Ltd. Tire Distribution
24 2011 Driving Training Institution Training Service
25 2013 Nitol Electronics Ltd. Electric Products
26 2014 Aman Ceramic Ltd. Ceramic
27 2014 Niloy Motors Ltd. Hero Bike Distributor
28 2014 HMCL Niloy Bangladesh Ltd. Assembling Hero Bike
29 2015 Radio Next FM Radio
30 2015 Horizon Next Media & Event Management Ltd. Media & Event Management